Throwing Light

front-cover-throwing-light-cover-option-4-copyThrowing Light is a thriller with romantic elements.

Grace is trying to come to terms with her mother’s death and handle the unexpected arrival of her ex-boyfriend, Tom, when a mystery document she finds in a box in the attic turns her life on its head and raises questions she is compelled to answer.

In her search for the truth, she stumbles into the middle of a missing person cold case in a small town where the inhabitants have kept a secret to protect one of their own for twenty-five years.

Grace’s investigation unearths long-held rivalries and opens old wounds, causing the past to collide with the present with terrifying results.

Throwing Light is available on Amazon as a paperback and an ebook 

missing-the-obvious-copyMissing the Obvious, a short prequel to Throwing Light, is available as an ebook. Receive a free copy when you sign-up to my newsletter.

Three years before ‘Throwing Light’ begins, Tom and Grace find themselves thrust together at the wedding of their old friend, David. Grace is trying hard to ignore her inappropriate crush on her best friend’s big brother, but when he starts to flirt with her, she wonders if tonight will be her opportunity to finally act on her hidden feelings.


shame-on-who-short-story-cover-small-file-copyShame on Who? a short prequel to Throwing Light is available as an ebook. Receive a free copy when you sign-up to my newsletter.

In 1979, fifteen-year-old Jane Smith announced to her parents that she was expecting a baby. Thirty-five years later, the repercussions of the decision her father made on that day come home to roost in the romantic thriller Throwing Light. Shame on who? provides insight into the dramatic events that changed Jane’s life.