A quick note re changes to Amazon affecting NZ and Australian customers

Hi everyone, I wouldn’t normally contact you two days in a row, but Amazon has been making changes that affect their customers (and authors) in Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, they’re doing this without consultation or even notification and we, as NZ authors, are finding out when we go to to check on our books only to find them no longer available to us 😦

The nuts and bolts of the matter (as I understand it) are, Amazon want NZ and Australian customers to purchase their ebooks from the  site. They are therefore making it impossible for anyone in these countries to access ebooks on the US site (this includes the author). The books are still available as normal to US-based customers on, but when someone from NZ or Australia looks for them they either do not come up at all or they get a notice saying the book is not available for sale but with no explanation that it can be purchased from the Australian site instead.

You can understand our frustration as authors. We can no longer see our rankings or reviews as none of that information has been transferred over to the Australian site.  I have gone from having multiple reviews on my books on the US site to one or none on the Australian site. Plus, we will be missing sales from our NZ and Australian customers who are unaware of the changes and assume our books are no longer available when they go to

So, for my US-based customers everything remains as normal, but for my Australian and NZ customers here is the link to my books on the site. 

Short stories and another contest final

Hi, I’ve added my short story Seeing Him Again for the First Time to the short stories page of my website. It came first in the Romance Writers of NZ chapter short story contest for 2018. You can read it here. I hope you enjoy it.



Also, one of my works in progress has finalized in the Romance Writers of America’s Arizona chapter’s Valley of the Sun hot prospects contest for 2018. I’ll hear if it has placed in December.


A new blog tour with lots of giveaways plus I have new photos for you

Hi, everyone, I’ve just started a new blog tour with Historical Fiction Virtual Tours. The first post is on Passages of Time. You can enter the competition here to win one of ten free ebooks of The Moral Compass if you live in the US.

The second stop on the tour is on Donna’s Book blog.

I’ve also been taking lots of new photos of historical costumes. Ashley has done an amazing job of portraying the wistful Victorian heroine. If the photos look blurry or pixilated on your device you can click on the newsletter to be taken through to my site where the images are better quality.




Thank you to everyone who entered the ‘guess the era’ contest. The correct answer was Edwardian. I made the white ensemble based on pictures of garments from around 1908.

I’ve picked two entrants at random to receive ebook copies of The Moral Compass and A Pivotal Right. The winners are (drumroll….) Maria Dalmau and Christa Gettys. I’ll be emailing you both soon.

Never one to rest, I’ve been trying out new models in the costumes with the aim of creating a library of great images for other historical authors to access. Olivia did really well in her first session.

It’s voting time and there are new pictures

Hi, everyone.

I’ve entered The Moral Compass in the Rocky Mountain cover competition this year. As you know, I made the costume and created the cover myself. It is up against professionally designed covers so it would mean a great deal to me if it did well. You can check out the entries and vote here. Voting closes on 11 October.

The moral compass beach cover front only 2 alt text copy

I’ve also been busy making and photographing new costumes as well as trying out some of the old costumes on new models to achieve different looks (thank you Tayla and Skye you both did an amazing job). Here are a few pics from the latest shoots. The images are going up on Shutterstock if you’d like to see them all.

Don’t forget that you still have one day to send me your entries for the ‘guess that era’ competition. I asked you to tell me which period of history the pictures of the lady in the white dress with a parasol came from. Your options were, A: Regency, B: Victorian or C: Edwardian.  The prize is ebook copies of The Moral Compass and A Pivotal Right. You can enter by sending me your answer via the message form on my website.

Kind regards.