Wiremu Wins

Wiremu Wins Without Wifi, the children’s book I wrote last year for Insight Creative, is now available for sale. You can purchase it as a hardback with interactive augmented reality and an ebook included, or as a digital download. There are interactive games included in the augmented reality version plus the characters stand up from the page and move as the story is read to your child on a phone or tablet.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Stand For Children a charity that has provided social services to kids in need for over 100 years.

I’m honored to have been involved in this worthwhile and exciting project.

Click here to get your copy.

Winter Warmers

Although we are enjoying very pleasant late spring temperatures here in NZ, it’s winter in the Northern hemisphere. My short story, The Clockmaker, is featured in the winter edition of literary magazine Capsule Stories, Frozen in Time. The Clockmaker has also been nominated by lovely Carolina at Capsule books for the Pushcart prize.

You can get hold of a paperback copy of Capsule Stories from Amazon.

Covers, Covers, Covers

So I’ve been beavering away on a scheme to try and generate some income from my images seeing as progress on my fifth novel is so slow. I figured why not make pre-made book covers for other writers? (This is where the place holder text is replaced with the author’s title, name etc… when they purchase the cover). After all, I have the images and know how to produce covers for Amazon etc..
Here are my initial attempts made into 3d mockups to help you visualize the finished product – thoughts? Would you reach for them on the shelf?