99 books for 99 cents and I’ve been playing fairy princess

Hi, Everyone, with Christmas fast approaching why not pop over to the 99c book fair and treat yourself? Not only are there 99 books on offer for only 99 cents each, but there are also giveaways and my prize-winning short story, Seeing Him Again for the First Time, is available to read for free.


I’ve recently been stretching my creative wings in a slightly different direction with my photography. As you know, I make and photograph historical costumes

159 sml

and other things (mostly the flora and fauna near my home in NZ).


I’ve always wanted to create more ‘fantasy’ style images so I had my first go at it yesterday with the help of the wonderful Ashley Crawford as the model and the very talented Ri Takarangi as the makeup artist. I made my ultimate tulle extravaganza of a dress, paired it with a crown I made about ten years ago and we had an amazing time living out all our fairy princess fantasies. Of course, my mind is whirring with ideas for new costumes now. 🙂

191 2 sml

If the pictures appear fuzzy on your screen it’s just because they are compressed for emailing. If you open the email and follow the link to the blog on my website you’ll see them as they are supposed to look.

I hope you and your families have a great Christmas.

Kind regards


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