A quick note re changes to Amazon affecting NZ and Australian customers

Hi everyone, I wouldn’t normally contact you two days in a row, but Amazon has been making changes that affect their customers (and authors) in Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, they’re doing this without consultation or even notification and we, as NZ authors, are finding out when we go to Amazon.com to check on our books only to find them no longer available to us 😦

The nuts and bolts of the matter (as I understand it) are, Amazon want NZ and Australian customers to purchase their ebooks from the Amazon.com.au  site. They are therefore making it impossible for anyone in these countries to access ebooks on the US Amazon.com site (this includes the author). The books are still available as normal to US-based customers on Amazon.com, but when someone from NZ or Australia looks for them they either do not come up at all or they get a notice saying the book is not available for sale but with no explanation that it can be purchased from the Australian site instead.

You can understand our frustration as authors. We can no longer see our rankings or reviews as none of that information has been transferred over to the Australian site.  I have gone from having multiple reviews on my books on the US site to one or none on the Australian site. Plus, we will be missing sales from our NZ and Australian customers who are unaware of the changes and assume our books are no longer available when they go to Amazon.com.

So, for my US-based customers everything remains as normal, but for my Australian and NZ customers here is the link to my books on the Amazon.com.au site. 

2 thoughts on “A quick note re changes to Amazon affecting NZ and Australian customers

  1. Hi. I’m in Canada. Have a US Amazon account. They did the same to me. They’re a bit crazy I think. JackieT

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    1. I didn’t realise Canadians were affected too :(. I just wish they’d tell us what is going on and make sure information is posted on the site so customers know where to go to purchase their books.


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