It’s coming – I promise

The manuscript for A Pivotal Right, the sequel to The Moral Compass, is now with my editor. I’m hoping for a release date in late June or perhaps slipping into July.

I’ve created a new cover after a particularly awesome photoshoot with my new costumes a few weeks ago.

cover 3 idea front only

In A Pivotal Right, Florence steps foot back on New Zealand soil for the first time in twenty years. Anxious about returning to the country that holds so many memories, nothing can prepare her for what, or who, she finds there.

Here’s a short extract to whet your appetite: 

“Mama, Mama.” Soft tapping on the back of Florence’s hand brought her rushing back from a black void of nothingness.

She opened her eyes to find her daughter’s face, brows drawn, hovering above her.

“You fainted, Mama. I think you may have hit your head on the floor.”

Florence shook her head as if to clear it. Her vision swam alarmingly. “I must be losing my mind. I could have sworn that I saw…” She paused. “No, it couldn’t have been.”

“Saw what?”

“Nothing.” She closed her eyes to try to ease the throbbing pain that was building at the back of her skull. “It is impossible.”

“Liam, bring a couple of blankets from the storeroom.”

A voice so familiar and yet so unexpected cleaved her mind sending shockwaves through her. Florence gripped her daughter’s hand as her heart lurched so violently inside her chest she feared that she would faint again. “I can hear…” She paused, wanting to say, a ghost, but she stopped herself. Viola would think her mad. How hard had she hit her head?

A shadow fell across her and she looked straight into the eyes of a dead man. Blinking, she attempted to clear the spectre, but it would not vanish. Jack had visited her in her dreams many times over the years, but never when she was awake. There were only two possibilities: Either she had lost her mind or she was dead, but the way her heart was racing, she knew that the latter could not be the case.

“Am I insane?” she asked the vision of her long-dead husband.


I’m currently outlining the third book in the series and will start writing the manuscript shortly.


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