A very busy time…

Hi, everyone. The next few weeks are going to be super busy. I’ll be the guest on the sites of several wonderful authors starting with a spot on Jude Knight’s Sunday Spotlight tonight. Next week from Monday the 22nd (US) until the following Wednesday I’m doing a blog tour with Historical Fiction Virtual Tours  and there will be several promos running during February that I’ll be taking part in. On Wednesday the 24th of Jan (that’s next Tuesday in the US and UK) between 10am and 9pm (NZ time), I’ll be taking part in the Kiwi Summer Beach Party. During the party, lots of NZ authors will take turns posting about their books and talking about summer in New Zealand. There will be loads of fun, games and giveaways and it will definitely be worth checking out particularly if you’re shivering your way through a northern winter.

kiwisummer banner kaservian

From now until the end of February the ebook of The Moral Compass is discounted to .99c US. So if you haven’t got a copy yet, now’s the time.

Also, and this is completely unrelated to my writing, I also enjoy taking photos. You can check them out on my Instagram feed.

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