Five free ebooks of The Moral Compass to give away

My first historical novel and the book one in the Shaking the Tree series, The Moral Compass is out now on Amazon.  I’m offering a free giveaway to say thanks to my newsletter subscribers.  The first five people to email me via the contact form on my website will receive a free ebook of The Moral Compass. Just put your name and email address in the message and I’ll reply to you with a copy of the book in either Kindle or e-pub format (let me know which you prefer).


The moral compass beach cover front only 2 alt text copy

All I ask in return is that you take five minutes to leave a review on Amazon (if you’re an Amazon customer) and/or Goodreads after you have read the book.

As I’m sure you can imagine, getting my work noticed in a very full marketplace can be difficult and reviews are an invaluable way to spark the interest of potential new readers. So if you’re able to help me out by leaving a review, I’d be very grateful.



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