Bringing my characters to life

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks. Not only did I complete the first draft of my next novel and start working on the review process with my mentor, Daphne de Jong, we also did a photoshoot for the cover. As I’ve previously mentioned, this book is a historical work set in the 1850s. Those who know me will be aware that I never like to do things by half, so for the past month, I’ve been making an 1850’s ensemble.


I was lucky enough to enlist the help of photographer, Liesl Wolmarans and model, Lauren Alexander. Both of whom brought their hard work, dedication and many talents to the project. With their assistance, I’ve been able to bring the vision of my protagonist, Florence Thackeray, to life (thank you, ladies and also Robyn, for the use of your garden). I look forward to turning one of the many incredible images we captured into the cover. The hardest part will be choosing which one.

This novel has the current working title of ‘The Moral Compass’ and will be the first in a series titled ‘Shaking the Tree.’ The best bit about writing a series is that we’ll be able to do more photo shoots. I’ve already started planning the 1870s ensemble – bustles, here I come!


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